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The idea that your cards should be held to your phone isn’t new. A recent trend makes phone card holders a common giveaway, but they’re usually made with cheap silicone, or weak elastic.

If wallets that go in your pocket are made out of leather, why aren’t the wallets that attach to your smartphone?

Wallaroo, Inc. hand-makes fine leather wallets for attaching to phones. We believe that if you’ve spend hundreds on a premium phone, why attach a cheap silicone stick-on wallet to be seen by everyone? Wallaroo wallets are made of high quality leather just like a premium leather wallet. Your wallet spends all day in your pocket, but your phone is shown to everyone, so we believe it’s time to show people that you care about luxury.

Wallaroo will hold your cards securely with our cross over stitching and look great while doing it.


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